International Efforts

At Varala Sports Institute, we take pride in our commitment to not only improve our athlete but also to make a positive impact on the global sport community. As part of our international efforts, we strive to share our expertise, methodologies and coaching with sports institutions worldwide. We believe that by strengthening the capabilities of sports organizations around the world, we can create a more competitive and equitable landscape for all athletes at all levels.

Through our partnerships with various international sports bodies, we have been able to provide coaching and training to athletes and coaches from diverse backgrounds. Our focus and athlete development has helped us to create a unique approach that is tailored to the individual needs of each athlete. We believe that by sharing our methodologies and coaching techniques with other organizations, we can help athletes and coaches to unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

At Varala Sports Institute, we are commited to buliding a global community of sports enthusiasts who share our passion for excellence and continuous improvements. We believe that through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, we can create a brighter future for the world of sports. Whether you are an athlete, coach or organization, we invite you to reach out and learn more.

A group of young students from around the world

Some Examples of Varala’s International Efforts

Lincoln International School + Polar Partners in Chile

A group in the courtyard of Lincoln International Academy.

The Lincoln International Academy has been one of Santiago, Chile’s premier private schools for close to 50 years. Polar Partners will be consulting Lincoln International Academy to adopt the Finnish International curriculum and pedagogy, Lincoln will be the first Finnish school in Latin America. Varala will be supporting this process by working with Lincoln International Academy to help develop Lincoln’s physical & sports education teachers. Starting Autumn 2023, Varala and Lincoln will have teachers from Varala visiting Lincoln to exchange knowledge and educating educators in Chile. Furthermore, Varala will also conduct online courses to further cultivate and educate teachers at Lincoln.

Kenyan Educational and Coaching Outreach

Varala Sports Institute has established strong relationships with a number of Kenyan universities. Varala has been working closely with multiple universities to coordinate efforts in developing tailor-made coaching education programs that equip the next generation of Kenyan coaches and PE teachers with the best modern methods and a holistic view of sports education. Our joint efforts are focused on buliding and leading multi-discipline teams to help students and athletes reach their full potential. By collaborating with these universities and the Kenyan goverments, Varala is commited to achieving its goals of developing PE teachers and coaches who have a comprehensive understanding of sports education and can effectively contribute to the growth and development of sports education and elite training methods in Kenya.

Finnish and Kenyan bureaucrats in a conference room.

ERASMUS + International Coaching Internships

At Varala Sports Institute, developing international realtionships is one of the high priority of Varala.In the direction of the strategy, Varala Sports Institute has applied and received an ERASMUS+ mobility grant starting 2021 until 2027.Primarily, grants are awarded for mobility to the European Union, but mobility to partner countries (non-EU countries) can also be supported by a grant but are subject to certain restrictions.